Friday, February 7, 2014

Ick or Eat Part 2

Ick or Eat Part 2 is finished!

After completing the purchase, your browser will automatically take you to Ick or Eat part2 
If you miss that, an email with your link is sent once paypal notifies me. In that email, you will also get a link for the 3 page comic. I will be working on a cover for Part 2 this weekend and will post it up and have it available for download. It will also be added to the comic's pdf if you access it again after it is posted here on DA.

The comic info:

1: Part 2 is 20 pages (one page is an "extended page"-bigger than normal) 

2: It is $10.50 for the 20 pages and a colored 3 page comic.

3: Inside this comic is: AR, shrunken AB girls, shrunken woman, girl-into-diaper transformation, doll tf, women in diapers, and lots of good artwork.

4: Along with your order, you will get a colored, 3 page fan fiction (Age Regression) comic about the Sanderson Step Sisters.

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