Friday, May 31, 2013

Issue #3 of the Blueberry series is DONE!

 Issue #3 of the Size of the Blueberry series:

"The LAST Squeeze" is FINISHED! and it is the epic conclusion of the Blueberry series. Lots of blueberries both big and small, with boob expansion too.

To DOWNLOAD/PURCHASE the $6.70 comic use this link:

To get ALL 3 issues in one purchase, use this ($17.80) buy link:
Issue #1 is 14 pages & cover and Issue #2 is 13 pages & cover, colored, and in pdf format.

In this issue, Jenn and Brittany are on the receiving end of Emma's lust for fame and fortune. But, when Emma fires the ray before understanding it, confusion leads to her most costly mistake. What will happen when a blueberry grows too big? ...or too small...

You can note me or email me if you have any problems/questions.
If you pre-ordered, you can use the email I sent you to access the finished comic.

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