Monday, June 25, 2018

Too HOT for DA

This blog post is dedicated to all the trolls, haters, and flag monkeys! Nah, actually this is for their victims...the outcast, censored, and shunned subjects of drawings who really enjoy redefining the taboo, proudly waving their freak flag, and indulging in what some might call... 
...the super-freaky.

Here you will find all the commissioned drawings that someone reported on Deviantart for "no good reason" ha! and DA's bots might have removed them without any thought. I will try to re-upload the ones that should not have been removed, but this way we have a record of everything that has been deemed to violate DA's policies. Watch and Learn! But viewers be warned: most of these were taken down WITH good cause.

...and what a good note to end on! lol
and yes, I know some of these are way over-the-top/insane.

A lot of these are early drawings I did years ago before I became aware of DA's policies.
When doing commissions now, I try to adhere pretty closely to the policies to avoid removal.

DISCLAIMER: Just because you see something on a commission here that I've done, it doesn't mean that I will draw something like it again- actually it's the opposite. All these went too far over the line of what is allowed.

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  1. I love how you can post whatever you like on here!

    Though, it is sort of sad to see so many great comics pass from DA. They shall be missed.