Saturday, December 27, 2014

SSS 10 is finished

Are you into the Sanderson Step Sisters series?
If so, you'll be glad to know, Issue 10: The Swamp Dragons is now officially wrapped up and ready for reading. 
As the Sanderson Step Sisters story progresses, each chapter builds with more awesomeness and artsyness and this issue is no exception- there's lots of cool imagery and great transformation sequences. This has to be my personal fav issue of the series so far. Hope you enjoy reading over and over again.

Inside this issue: 
animal tf's wormgirl, cow, muskrat, mermaid. AR (child to infant), SBBW, shrunken women, vore, and blueberry. It's 17 pages and cover. See previews below

To download this comic for $7.99:

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