Friday, December 6, 2013

ICK or EAT pt 1

Ick or Eat (trick or treat) 'Part One' is now available

Comic: 22 page pdf file in Black and White
Price: $8.15 

-When you buy your browser is auto-redirected to the comic, so don't close out. If you have a problem, an email with link is sent (usually a few minutes later but no longer than 24 hours.)

Comic Details: This is a digital comic: all 22 pages in 1 pdf file. 
This is Part One of Two. 
It is Black and White like the page above.

Notes from me: I'll be going back and adding some details on pages I didn't have time to go back and make all the edits, so look at the comic again next week and try to pick up on all the little additions I made :) Here's one revealed: the deer in the cover page were added much later after the page had been finished and were added for a reason.

Halloween is the best holiday evahhhhhh!

After reading Part 1, re-read it looking for hidden references/ easter eggs using this blog post:

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  1. It's very good, probably the best abdl comic ever made, and I highly recommend it for anybody with doubts. Also am not a paid shill. :P