Friday, April 19, 2013

Twice the Size

Issue #2 of the Size of the Blueberry series:
 is FINISHED! and it looks awesome because now they really are twice the size.

To download/purchase the $6.30 comic use this link:

Still need Issue #1? Use this link to get both comics at once:

Issue #2 is 13 pages and cover, colored, and in pdf format.

In this story, Jenn, a girl scientist who is turning into a giant, juice-filled blueberry, is joined by her friend as she becomes a blueberry. Jenn's plan backfires and Emma enters the equation. Emma sees an opportunity for her to exploit the situation, but will her conscience get the better of her? Twice the Size is setting up for the 3rd and final issue.

You can note me or email me if you have any problems/questions.
If you pre-ordered, you can use the email I sent you to access the finished comic.

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