Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wendy Wonka series progress

I'm happy to say artwork has begun on the new series, Wendy Wonka and the Chocolate Fetish Factory! I'll keep you updated on its progress here on the blog. Scripts for all 4 issues have been finished. I've been working with B-Ridge and we've put weeks of thought into the story. 

Work on Issue #2 has begun. The comic work will take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to complete, so expect Issue #2 to finish end of July/beginning of August.

I have a major update about the comic- the first issue was written to have 18 pages, but it stretched into 25 pages. And that doesn’t include the backstory.  I don’t want to do a 25 page colored comic since that’s almost twice the typical page count I like to do, so I’m going to chop the series into 4 issues. The first issue will still be 18 pages. That will make issue 2 now have 8 of its original pages and 7 pages cut from issue 1. 15 pages total- maybe a few more if the art needs more space.

May 25: Update
I have to make a trip to a special hospital this weekend, so that will push the pre-order back to the weekend of June 5th. The comic is really coming alive with colors- it's going to be an awesome read when it's all done. Here's a first look at a panoramic panel I'll probably use for pre-order.