Monday, September 17, 2018

Cow TF's!

Recently I've been doing a lot of cow transformations- bonzor donated a year membership to premium "core membership" DA, so to thank him, I promised him/her a colored sketch. This is a preview of what was requested:
I plan to finish it up more.

If you like the Cow transformations, be sure not to miss out on the newest issue of Wendy Wonka 2.
Wonka 2.2 is now out and available for download- you can find more info and the buy link on the DA Wendy Wonka 2.2 Cover page.

Here's a quick look- 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Too HOT for DA

This blog post is dedicated to all the trolls, haters, and flag monkeys! Nah, actually this is for their victims...the outcast, censored, and shunned subjects of drawings who really enjoy redefining the taboo, proudly waving their freak flag, and indulging in what some might call... 
...the super-freaky.

Here you will find all the commissioned drawings that someone reported on Deviantart for "no good reason" ha! and DA's bots might have removed them without any thought. I will try to re-upload the ones that should not have been removed, but this way we have a record of everything that has been deemed to violate DA's policies. Watch and Learn! But viewers be warned: most of these were taken down WITH good cause.

...and what a good note to end on! lol
and yes, I know some of these are way over-the-top/insane.

A lot of these are early drawings I did years ago before I became aware of DA's policies.
When doing commissions now, I try to adhere pretty closely to the policies to avoid removal.

DISCLAIMER: Just because you see something on a commission here that I've done, it doesn't mean that I will draw something like it again- actually it's the opposite. All these went too far over the line of what is allowed.

If you would like to return to my DA gallery:

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Blue Planet Series

It's been awhile since I blogged (I couldn't remember what account my blog was listed with) but I am back today with a big Blueberry post.

The Blue Planet Series is now complete and available in this 3 issue pack:

You can visit each issue's page to find out more. Visit Blue Planet
on my Deviantart: Blue Planet 1
or on my website: Blue Planet in comic shop

I loved working on this comic, and I gave it all my energy. It's exciting for me to see the development of the art through the series because I believe it spanned about a year's time from beginning to end.
Here's a few more looks at the inside:

For An ODD bonus,
I recently got a request to post this super-old drawing of a blueberry boy because it got deleted from the deviantart gallery by admins...
wow. how far the art has come. Throwback Thursday here we go!

I think I was using an intuos tablet when I drew this.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tales from the Crib Keeper 6

Tonight I close in on the finishing of Issue 6 from the Tales from the Crib Keeper series! Tomorrow, the issue should be finished. I thought I'd share a peek at an unfinished cover and give out some 'directors comments' about the issue...

first, here's a look at the concept for the cover

or an alternate pattern?...

Okay, now for some comments about the issue...
When I started the contest for this issue, I had one goal in mind: do it a little different.
We had a great contest with lots of good ideas to choose from. I put up a journal on DA to get input from the fans. It was my attempt to get a reading on what everyone wanted to see in the issue. The feedback was wild! You can see the journal here:

It didn't really have the intended effect of helping me make a decision. I chose 'Diaper embarrassment', 'Age Regression and unbirth', and 'shrinking man/giantess in diaper'

In issue 6, it is going to be a little more obvious that this is a comic with intentions to turn you on.
Based on feedback I've already gotten, I feel like every issue of Tales from the Crib Keeper should continue to have at least one Age Regression story.

I will try to update this in a few days with more comments, but I need to get back to work on the cover!