Friday, July 8, 2016

Diaper Fairy commission

The mythical Diaper Fairy finally made it into my commission queue and she's up to mischief. Here's a look at the W.I.P.

I have the inking video on my livestream channel:
This is where it started:

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tales from the Crib Keeper 5 Story Contest

Here is an example of a past Submission that was chosen:
A roughly 20 year old woman works at a supermarket, sees some baby clothes, diapers, etc. in the store, wishes that she could wear them and that they'd fit her. Suddenly magic surrounds her and baby products, lift her up in the air while products grow in size. She is then stripped of clothing while extremely thick diapers in her size tape themselves on her and baby clothes put themselves on her magically. Store manager wants to know what all the commotion is. Sees worker dressed like a baby. Tells her to get back to work as it. While serving customers she needs to pee and poop and does so in her diaper. Manager sees this and takes her to his office to change her. Tells her she's much better suited working in his office to keep an eye on her. Sets up a playpen with baby toys for her while he works on his computer.

Gamer Girls
-Diapering, Age Regression, Mental Regression
-A girl visits her friend, showing her a fighting game she found buried in her closet. They put it in and start playing, choosing a "Winner Takes All" mode. They fight, with one girl winning the first round. The loser suddenly blushes and gasps, her pants being replaced by a diaper. The winning girl uses this distraction to win the next round, causing the losing girl to regress to half her age. Being mocked and embarrassed, the losing girl fights back, winning two rounds herself, causing her to gain diapers and half her age. They both then fight to a draw in the last round, causing them both to both physically and mentally regress to infants, crawling away from the game to go play something else~

Both of these submissions are good examples because they show the length that the idea should be. Not too long, but providing enough info to get a good understanding of the story.

Need the DETAILS again?

Your Submission:
The idea you submit should be simple- about ONE or TWO paragraphs. Your idea should not be a fully finished story because I won't have the time to read it all. If it is your finished story, you can summarize it and submit a brief (still ONE or TWO paragraph) summary. It must be your original idea. I do not own your idea if you submit it.
Here is an example of a story idea that was chosen before: 
In your email SUBJECT line- write Tales 5 contest
In your email- include your DA name 
Email up to 2 of your ideas to
Contest Details:
The contest will end the night of Sunday, July 17th 9pm Eastern Time. So, think fast!
If Chosen:
Your idea will become a collaboration with me and it will be included in Tales 5. We will finish writing your story's script together. You will also get a free issue of the whole Tales 5 comic.  

Monday, May 16, 2016

SSS 12 = done!

Sanderson Step Sister issue 12 is now done. If you pre-ordered, the link you got will now take you to the full comic. If you didn't pre-order... you can order it plain and simple here.

($7.75) Download link:

In this issue, there is Boob expansion, Boob TF, futa, Bondage, and Worm TF.
There is a small bit of vore, female centaur, rat-girl, diaper

Over 200 pages in now! This has been an incredibly fun series to illustrate and create. Your feedback and requests have helped me write it and I hope you can see your influence in more than one of the issues if you've ever asked to see something happen to the Sanderson Step Sisters. My growth as an artist has really been demonstrated in this epic journey that has spanned over 4 years. To celebrate 4 years into it, check out a Now and Then comparison of SSS covers below-

Monday, April 11, 2016

the Tall Tower

working on the design of the Tall Tower for SSS 12.
it needs to be: 
1) tall. and a tower.
2) walled some/ some open-air
3) aged- very very old, Ruins look
4) built around trees and uses a giant, old tree to support base since this is a swamp where buildings would sink.
Needs to have:
1) view of the moon for the End Spell.
2) dome-ish interior somehow- supports would suffice for tying people up to.
3) The Eternal Well must be in the center
4) Place for griffin to land and dismount.

this is it so far:

Saturday, April 9, 2016

SSS 12 first peek

Here is the first peek behind the curtain at the work being done on SSS 12.
Things are moving really fast with it- I've really got some good momentum going with it. I'm aiming to complete this issue by May 1st, so stay tuned for more updates soon.
Feeling very good about the balance of sexy and story in this issue.

Friday, April 1, 2016


Here's a progress shot of the cover. To see hours of work lost due to a glitch that caused photoshop to stop responding and somehow manage to lose the autosaved version, head over to my livestream channel and watch the video called "crap". This is the second time today I've drawn this cover, but i love this one, so it was worth it.

Friday, November 20, 2015

More April O'Neil

April O'Neil seems to be a popular dame here in the commission gallery.
Working on some more April mutations this round.
Here's how they're looking: