Monday, May 12, 2014

Ick or Eat hidden gems

If you got the comic Ick or Eat, now you can go back and take a second look at it with fresh eyes and see the little easter eggs I hid in the story and artwork.
*Spoilers ahead!*

1. To start the hunt, see how many famous animated Disney movie references you can find. On the first page, Mary Poppins and Parent Trap posters are on the wall to get you looking for Disney movie references.
See Answers below for all the references.
2. Other movie references within Ick or Eat: Because it's a Halloween comic and almost fitting for a scary movie category, you can find other Halloween-movie and scary-movie references inside the art and story.
Movies referenced: Donnie Darko, The Shining
See Answers below
3. Alice in Chains - cd cover art poster on wall- foreshadowing
4. Kristen drives a white VW rabbit. There is a rabbit's foot on her rear-view to reinforce the idea as well as the donnie darko rabbit bumper sticker.
5. In the script, you see the words "okay" "okay" "ok" "ok" appear in that order.
6. Saturn Devouring His Son is a dark painting by Francisco de Goya and inspired ideas for the witch. To show that, she lives at 237 Milky Way, and the panel with the house is the only panel to show the sky and moon. Titan Cronos is associated with "time" this goes well with the next egg...*more in issue 2
7. Peter Pan: the two powerful characters in the story are the witch and Betsy's mom. One is Peter Pan, one is Hook. The mom seems to have never grown up as she still plays with and collects dolls. Clocks are often seen with the witch. The sidewalk leading to her house is in the shape of a hook.

To prevent any spoilers, part 2's eggs will be in a different blog post
link to part 2 eggs: 

1. Cinderella-costume, Kristen's mom slaves away for the cruel mother of Betsy, Alice in Wonderland- costume, car, rabbit outline on dress, shrinks, "before 6 A.M. breakfast", Betsy uses the line "piece of cake" before getting the apple that will shrink Kristen (Alice), Pocahontas- poster on wall, Dumbo- elephant on Kristen's dresser, Jungle Book- jungle scene on dresser & book that has the letters JU-the rest cut off, Bambi- momma and baby deer on lawn, Peter Pan-costume,mom is taking flight Candelabra- Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid- ship being destroyed by giant octopus painting, Fantasia-walking broom with trick-or-treaters & kid in back dressed as Mickey from Fantasia, Sleeping Beauty- falling asleep under a spell, Snow White- biting the poison apple, Lion King - Lion stuffed animal on dresser, Mulan- dragon outline on the crib hang-y thing, Aladdin - diaper "Genie"
2. Donnie Darko: earmuffs on dresser, mailbox with car next to it (ending car scene where Roberta is walking to mailbox *brief to avoid spoilers), M.A.D.D. poster, "Frank"-enstein, fat guy in jogging suit,
    The Shining: Haunted Corn Maze poster, Minotaur- associated with a labyrinth, the number of the witch's house address is 237 *seen on curb,

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