Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Blue Planet on the Horizon

2/7 update:
Page Layouts for Blue Planet are complete, and I'm excited to be moving into the penciling stage.
For this issue, I'll be thinking about how to include some exclusive concept sketches for pre-order and maybe even some sketches of environmental concept sketches from issue 2.

Size of the Blueberry is now listed on Amazon along with the full Wonka series.
Apocalyptic Blueberry will be for sale on Amazon soon.

**Pre-order for Blue Planet Issue 1 is expected to be ready on Feb 23**

2/17 update:
flat colors have been laid down on the first 4 pages. Getting as many pages ready for pre-order as I can! Here's a look at some flat colors:
from this...

to this...

and a progress shot of flat coloring:

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