Monday, August 8, 2016

Tales from the Crib Keeper Contest Judging info

INFO about the
Tales from the Crib Keeper Contests

This has been a fun contest to put on and it's always helped make this series really fun for me to collaborate with every one that has had an idea in the comics. For real, this contest is why I've always looked forward to doing another issue in this series.

I'm sure some of you want to know more about the decision process. Maybe you've entered every time and not had your idea chosen? Well, you aren't alone. There are tons of submissions that don't get picked. I get to choose one or two ideas out of at least 100 each time. On my end, the experience is very similar to what an agent would go through.

The contest has always existed to help us (the community) generate creative ideas about abdl material, and I hope it inspires work outside of the comic series.
The last thing I want this contest to do is to offend or anger anybody by asking for and choosing someone's idea.


Locations/backgrounds - are they too complicated? are they fun or bleh? I'd like to have one story in the mix with a very unique setting and one to be very typical nursery type setting you'd expect. (but that's not always the case)

What themes are featured- very dependent on circumstances= polls, other stories, etc.

How fast the story gets going OR If there a gradual buildup does it have enough to keep you turning pages? 

Unique vs broad appeal/ classic (not one over the other- just depends on the other stories chosen already)

Does it interest me? Am I feelin' it?

Can i easily envision it? Is there a scene you describe that I get excited about illustrating?

I narrow it down to about 50 ideas first, then go to 10, then a top 3 or 2 or 1. 
so if that helps you see, it's not one thing i look for in an idea.  And the story from the final bunch would be different for each issue. I admit that there is some circumstantial luck in the process.  I do not base my decision on the author, their pageviews, comments or anything like that. 
I have thought a lot about emailing people whose idea made it to the final bunch that i pick from, but I decided not to since I don't know for sure it will make people feel better. I want to tell them their idea is really good and to encourage them to write about it more because I would certainly read it. I wish I could do more, but time is something in short supply and it takes a long time to flesh out a fully finished comic. 

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