Monday, June 22, 2015

Crib Keeper 3 Story Contest

New contest is now going for Tales from the Crib Keeper 3. 

Details: deadline: Monday, July 27. Story ideas must be original (your own) and fit into a 6 page comic. Ideas do not have to be written out in lots of detail- a paragraph is good to get idea across. Pitch a summary of your idea.

Contest is meant to be easy, simple and fun for you to participate in.

HOW TO ENTER: Send submissions to my email with subject heading: Story Contest. Be sure to mention your name on deviantart.

The past 2 contest's chosen ideas were stranger park ranger and bad habits.
Tales 3 will focus more on mental regression/ageplay, but any ideas are eligible for the contest as long as they involve diaper content. Chosen idea will become part of Tales 3. We will work together on refining your idea and turning it into a detailed 6 page comic script. You will also get a free copy of the full comic.

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