Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tales from the Crib Keeper

Okayokayokok presents: Tales from the Crib Keeper!

A digital comic, 21 pages and cover consisting of 3 stories:

1 Freaky Cryday- (8 pages) A scientist experiments with a mind swap on a mother and child. Unforeseen consequences might make this test permanent! Inside: Mental regression, Age regression.

2 Baby Mom- (6 pages) A daughter puts some of her some magic skills to the test by having a bit of fun with her mom until the reality hits and ruins everything! Inside: Mental regression, diaper tf, age progression. 

3 Stranger Park Ranger- (8 pages) A mother becomes victim to her own time-saving shortcuts in Salem's National Park. Inside: Age regression, diaper expansion.

and as a Bonus, you will also get a package of 7 photo manipulations in your download-link email. If you have any troubles, you can contact me through DA or email.

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