Friday, March 28, 2014

SSS 9 - Listening to Requests

I'm tweaking and doing edits on the issue #9 of Sanderson Step Sisters over the next few days, and I'm listening to requests/feedback for any theme or "fetishy" thing you want to see.

Planned for 9 already: blueberry, watermelon (and 'crushing?') inflation, multi boob, worm-girl/grub-taurs, vore, slime tf, WG and Jess as schoolgirl. (Yeah, it's going to be another awesome issue!)

I can't guarantee you I can squeeze your request into this issue, but I do listen and respond. It might not get in this issue, but it could lay the vision-groundwork for it to appear in issue #10 or the ideas could generate another, new comic series of it's own. 

You can note me on DA, comment on DA, or leave a message below.