Friday, July 13, 2012

Haunted House upcoming comic

I'm working on a comic that's going to involve two girls, a haunted house, abdl stuff, shrinking women, spanking, mental AR, breast expansion, and some belly. I'm on page 9 of 11 planned pages.  When I'm done, the comic will be a comic for sale at either $5 or $6 usd at 11 pages, previews will be few and partial, but it's a hot script!

mid coloring
this is what the cover is going to look like


  1. I love how the more previews you post, the more I realize I absolutely must buy this comic!

  2. Smart move there Blankage:P But I couldn't agree more! I wasn't too keen to buy SSS no. 3 beacuse I could not get what it was about with only one uncoloured preview page. It's much better to release two or maybe even three pages in their final form so you can decide if the comic is something you want (Just a thought :D )