Monday, August 22, 2011

Sketch for Blooberry pg 27

This is what has come of the scribbling that started out page 27.  Looks like the next page may be the last page!  Butt Blueberry time.  Ever seen that before?

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  1. I like be honest and I'm gona be honest.
    I don't have nothing against the comic, and it's well worked, and complex enough. I have been following it since it started Long ago!
    I like the characters and the magic weird situation with fruit girls but...
    Again all them becoming blueberries!?!?! We are already at page 27. I think it has been more than long enough, and I think most of us will thank a new comic than continue with this one. I honestly think it musn't be a page 31.
    I repeat the comic is okay drawed, and with good detail and style. I'm most focusing onto the story, which has become some long and now quite repetitive.

    I wana notice too, a detail that called a lot my atention. The first time a girl drinked the "juice" she becomes a superpear-banana-andmore. And the second girl drinking it was a juiced raspberry overgrowing her HUGE friends. And now, accidentaly both becomes blueberries... Anyway, it's magic so ALL is possible ;) :)