Saturday, August 27, 2011

Liquid X

This is the sketch #1 for a second liquid x picture.  Here we begin to understand just what "Liquid X" is capable of...  Patented by okayokayokok, this mysterious liquid was found how all other great things came about- by studying nature.  The puffer fish to be exact.  It combines a chemical that expands flesh when the heart rate increases with a chemical that makes your heart rate more likely to spike.  Designed to scare off any predators that would cause a prey's heart rate to rise (fish-or person).  Once the subject is inflated, the predator will have no way to fit its prey into its mouth. But once inflated, the subject will remain inflated for a loooong time.  And even longer if the subject is in a high stress environment.  Early tests like this were needed to discover the proper dosage for a person.  

1 comment:

  1. I'm simply amazed about the concept, honeslty, it's so weirdly incredible!!

    I think that serie you are starting it's simply amazing. I wish you´ll work harder on it and you let us see much more work about "Liquid X"

    I like the concept about expand flesh, because it near ends with girls poping, A thing I dislike a lot, and not limit you to any size haha. Imagine a girl that the most she grows, the more scared she gets! (Could be even that girl!)

    So my congrats with that amazing job. And specially about the wonderfull creation of "Liquid X"