Monday, August 29, 2011

Liquid X final sketch

ready for coloring...

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  1. I like a lot the draw, her face, her hands, belly, cloths. ALL looks so detailed, even the room! so I think that's why I can't avoid focus onto her boobs... I'm alarmed about how low detailed they are! Specially the nipples, where I simply love the bra detail.

    So I say that the draw is amazing, honestly, vey well worked, and detailed, so that's why I have no idea why her boobs looks so fake. It's a constructive critique! hoenstly, and I wana help. If you wish so, I will mail you some other artist that I think made great nipples and boobs haha.

    Also!! Maybe they are this way because you wana make them look some balloned and make them look fake!! In that case I simply says. I LOVE THE DRAW, but. hehe

    Hope be usefull and don't disturb you. I hope see soon some more and new Liquid X serie.