Sunday, February 22, 2015

Combining Series

Today, I finally got around to combining all 3 parts of the Apocalyptic Blueberry series into one package. It's a total of 57 pages and discounted at $25.50.

To order the complete Apocalyptic Blueberry 3 part series:

I also noticed Ick or Eat had not yet been combined into one package, so I fixed that.
Ick or Eat 1 & 2 combined is 46 pages (which includes the bonus 3 pg AR comic)


  1. Quick question - you reference a 3 page AR comic with "Ick or Eat" - was that included with any other purchases (ie - already purchasing both issues separately) or is that a new one?

  2. Sorry that wasn't clear- It is the 3 page AR comic involving the Sanderson Step Sisters that comes with Part Two if you order it by itself. In other words, if you have Part Two, you have that 3 page comic.