Saturday, September 8, 2012

ISSUE #4 Sanderson Step Sisters

above are sketches from pages out of issue 4 which is currently in progress. 

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Finally! The next chapter of the Sanderson Step Sisters is finished! WARNING: THIS ISSUE IS AWESOME! It's true, I like to think that each comic I do is better than the previous, but this time I know it! I used a different "inkpen" and it made a huge difference and the coloring is gonna wow ya!  

Content Warning: In this issue, there is boob expansion for two characters, some AR, Animal TF, shrinking women, spell casting, and new characters and story. Pages: 14 full color; and cover. It is a pdf file.  If you have any trouble, I am here to help.

The NEXT issue is "Yo Momma So Fat" and should be out around Thanksgiving. You can expect Weight Gain, Force Feeding, Breastfeeding, AB, and more in #5 (next issue). In this issue the story begins to bring you further into a fantastical world- one that you would never know existed because it is wrapped in secrecy.


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    1. yeah, a couple instances of it. Might contain adult baby/mental ar...playing around with the idea- it's on the last page though so I won't have a definite say on that til later.

  2. Loved the breast expansion of chapter 4! I can only hope we see more.